Good Morning! We hope you had a great Pre-Cocktail Reception last night at the nhow Hotel, or, in case you just arrived: Welcome to Berlin!

Since we will start soon with our keynotes and other sessions, we would like to prepare you for the day by outlining its broad topics as well as some of its highlights.

Digital Innovation & Transformational Leadership

We start things of with one of the major themes of Global Digital Leaders 2017, and simultaneously with one of the major themes in companies. How is leadership changing in a digital and disruptive world? Many companies start to implement digital and innovation teams. Those teams are separated from other departments. Today, we need digital leaders across the organisation to support various teams. Thus, we start with a Keynote Presentation with Dr Carsten Linz on the topic Digital Leadership as well as a Gregor Nilsson’s Insight Presentation on Digital Teams.

Think Tank Academy & Executive Panel Discussion

After this topic we will have a busy schedule. The next part is all about artificial intelligence, customer experience and change management. We will talk and work in small groups at the Think Tank Academy. Hear and discuss different views from digital experts such as Philipp Boué (Valtech, Germany) Delphine Desgurse (Groupe La Poste, France) and Martin Hairer (MED-EL, Austria). We are very interested to hear what they will tell us about our future as well as our present.

The Executive Panel Discussion prepares you for changes within your organisation. Ask questions during the discussion to leaders from companies like Gruner + Jahr GmbH & Co KG, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH or Horváth & Partner GmbH.

We hope you will have a great day and much to talk about at our Networking Gala Dinner during the evening hours!

Throughout the event you will continuously find new content on our blog and on social media. Feel free to connect with us!

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