Attending an event means becoming a part of an interactive and exclusive community, with numerous interactive sessions providing for a stimulating environment of information sharing and knowledge exchange. Ranging from 20-minute Insight Presentations and Keynotes, to our pioneering Think Tank Academy and World Café, participants contribute as much as they learn.

With an individually approved delegate list, our attendees are international leaders and senior executives from a plethora of industries. As a result, the Global Leaders Summit Series ensures a vendor / sell-side free event except for a limited number of supporting partners.

  • EXCLUSIVE. All Global Series Leaders Summits are closed off events limited to a certain number of participants in order to ensure an intimate environment and the quality of networking.
  • INNOVATIVE. As most executives and leaders will know, daily problems are no longer geographically isolated or even ‘regional’ anymore. Global leaders are facing global challenges and addressing that phenomenon with an international audience is a core element of our model that sets us apart.
  • CONTENT DRIVEN. An integral part of our fresh and innovative format is our original Think Tank Academy which enables attendees to sharpen their skills, exchange ideas and further elaborate key issues through moderated executive roundtable discussions.

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