Horváth & Partners

Horváth & Partners are independent, international management consultants with offices at locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. We are a proud member of the Cordence Worldwide global management consulting partnership, which strengthens our ability to undertake consulting projects in other important economic regions of the world. Our core competences lie in the fields of Corporate Performance Management and Performance Optimization – both for the entire company and for the business and functional areas of Strategy, Organization, Sales, Operations, Controlling, Finance and IT. We accompany our clients through the entire process from developing the business concept through to anchoring via integration into processes and systems.


Xerox wants to innovate the way the world communicates, connects and works. With our expertise in the fields of printing, imaging, data analysis, automation and digitization, we help our customers to work more productively and efficiently. Through our innovative technologies, we give our customers freedom to concentrate on what is most important to them: their core business. We provide tools for process optimization, printing technology and software solutions.

Valtech GmbH

As a full-service digital agency, Valtech combines long-standing technology competence with marketing experience. Our scope of service ranges from e-commerce and customer engagement platforms to custom-tailored software development, agile methodology consulting or business solutions in car connectivity.
The Valtech GmbH is part of the Valtech Group with over 2000 employees in 30 locations and 13 countries. In Germany, you can find us in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne und Munich. Valtech was founded in France in 1993 and is listed there on the Paris Stock Exchange. Our international references include among others: Audi, Louis Vuitton, Michelin und Novartis. Our partner network includes among others, companies like Adobe, Hybris and Sitecore.

eco - Association of the Internet Industry

eco, with 1,000 member companies, is the largest Internet industry association in Europe. Since 1995, the eco Association has been instrumental in the development of the Internet in Germany. eco develops markets, promotes technology, forms frameworks and represents the interests of members in politics and international committees. In the Competence Network, important specialists and decision makers of the Internet industry are represented, and current and future Internet themes are driven forward.

EuroCloud Deutschland_eco e.V

EuroCloud Germany_eco is the association of the German cloud computing industry and represents the industry in the pan-European network Eurocloud. Eurocloud Germany_eco works towards increasing the acceptance of and the demand-focused provision of cloud services in the German market. The association is in an ongoing dialogue with its European partners within the EuroCloud network; looking for global solutions and preparing the ground for international business relations. EuroCloud Germany_eco was founded in December 2009 and is part of eco – Association of the Internet Industry. is one of the leading independent Education Centers for IT and Management trainings in Germany. Focused on Analytics, Big Data, Cloud, CRM and Online Marketing, has specialist expertise for the Digital Transformation. Customers benefit from official partnerships with Microsoft, Linux Foundation, Linux Professional Institute and MongoDB.


acquisa is Germany’s leading bi-monthly magazine for marketing and sales. acquisa covers the whole customer journey - from the first research on Google up to long-term customer relationships and after sales. Every issue is built around a main topic that dives deep into the basics of marketing and sales. Following our claim „improve your marketing and sales“, acquisa gives best practices and information to enable the readers to be even more successful in their job. The website publishes daily news, interviews and best practices on marketing and sales.

CEDO - Managing the Digital Transformation

The publication “CEDO - Managing the Digital Transformation" is an exclusive media brand for C-level decision-makers at major companies to its broad range of products.
CEDO will be aimed at CEOs worldwide, though clearly based in the homeland of many world industry leaders – Germany. With its focus on industrial manufacturing and B2B-companies, CEDO will target the champions and hidden champions of the global economy.
Other target groups will include Chief Digital Officers, Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Technical Officers, Chief Operating Officers and Chief Strategy Officers as well as, to a limited degree, Chief Human Resources Officers.


Dialogue is the only truly global media platform for management and leadership. Its worldwide network of Knowledge Partners and Affiliation Partners enables Dialogue to share global thought leadership with its audience of more than one million readers around the world. The Dialogue platform is created specifically for leaders, managers and policymakers, to help them navigate our complex world. Global in its design, every feature brings perspective from a diversity of markets and cultures. The crux of the journal is about breaking silos within companies, throughout business and across borders.

digitalbusiness CLOUD

digitalbusiness CLOUD is a solution-oriented professional magazine for IT decision-makers in small, medium and large enterprises and organizations. Today, software and hardware solutions need to be at least ready for the cloud as for companies not to lose touch with current developments. Industries: digitalbusiness CLOUD reports independent of any specific industries since all companies need to use IT solutions, and those making the decisions about it are the magazine’s target readers. The technically-oriented business magazine digitalbusiness.

Digitale Welt Magazin

Digitale Welt is a new business journal that aims to explain crucial developments in digitalisation. Digitale Welt’s target audience is medium-sized businesses: therefore, the journal explains viable new technologies in an easily understandable way. Well-known experts report on User-Cases, innovation and successes in tech-utilisation. First-class tutorials introduce important topics in the field, for all audiences - including people without a computer science background. This could include anyone from a CEO to a casual tech-news follower.

e-commerce Magazin

e-commerce Magazin is a magazine for anyone who wants to participate in e-commerce. This means that you want to trade goods, services and products on the internet: it covers the entire chain of selecting, offering, searching, purchasing, selling and paying. Industries: e-commerce Magazin reports independent of industry, however there are key industries, such as the mail-order business, which are often in the vanguard of the technical development. Yet today, almost every company has a web site to inform prospects and customers about its products and services. Usually it’s only a small step to its own web store, whether to sell goods and service, or offer a consumer portal

iU eMagazine

iU eMagazine | Online Media Partner
It’s true, that what we feed our brains with is what grooms us and eventually the society. Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine is a venture that is an All Positive, No Gossips Media Platform that brings Inspirational News & Stories from around the globe from various dimensions & strata of society. In a nutshell it’s A delight for entrepreneurs, A vision for writers, A feast for energy seekers, A visionary platform for journalists, A pat on the back for those who struggle, A hope for readers of today & the strongest base for the future of a well-wired & positively inspired society


The business directory marketing-BÖRSE is one of the biggest German-language marketing platforms. Over 20.000 specialized providers of affiliate marketing, search engine-optimization as well as target-group analysis are represented. For every company, details such as press releases, white papers, memberships and activities are being displayed.

Netzpiloten AG

The Netzpiloten rank among the digital pioneers in Germany. Being founded in 1998 in Hamburg by Wolfgang Macht and Matthias Dentler, the company was listed among the prominent representatives of the so called New Economy. These days there are about 75 employees working for the Netzpiloten in Hamburg, Berlin and Barcelona in the areas of digital marketing and digital publication. Especially the independent magazine witnesses the digital revolution for more than 15 years. The Netzpiloten are currently planning to open an innovative blogger business lounge in Berlin (2017). An extensive portrait as “old -­‐98er” was dedicated to the Netzpiloten by the business magazine brand eins.

Real Leaders

Real Leaders is the official publication of YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization), a private membership based community of more than 22,000 CEOs in 125 countries who control 10% of global GDP and represent $6 trillion in spending. Real Leaders has a unique agreement in place with YPO and is one of the only media platforms allowed to send information directly to the preferred mailing address and email address of all 22,000 CEO members in 125 countries through a print and digital magazine. The Real Leaders platform informs and engages a global audience seeking inspired leadership and information on how to create social impact while still making a profit.


The digital service provider .dotkomm develops websites and web stores based on the findings of neuro marketing, showing outstanding results regarding response and conversion. In doing so, the Cologne Creatives successfully use their expertise in the field of responsive web design. Innovative solutions such as interactive video-interfaces, personalized product videos and a ground-breaking platform for online customer advice via video chat complete the wide range of the services provided by .dotkomm.

.dotkomm implements smart concepts for customer loyalty and CRM via Social Media channels, thus presenting a well-rounded picture of the agency’s performance. Examples of renowned accounts managed by .dotkomm are AXA, Norisbank, HDI, DER Touristik, Schmetterling Reisen, Shiseido, WERU – as well as numerous Hidden Champions.


ActiveStandards is the leader in digital governance, providing global enterprises with end-to-end digital governance solutions through a powerful blend of technology and consulting services. These solutions help companies realize value from their online presence and mitigate risk by optimizing the management of complex digital operations and improving the quality and effectiveness of their digital content. ActiveStandards has an international client base across all industry sectors and supports the digital governance programs of some of the largest brands in the world, including Unilever, Shell, CSC, HP, Thomson Reuters and Canon. The seamless integration of its technology platform and consultancy services provides a complete solution for digital governance, helping companies get it right online.

CMO Asia

In 2010, CMO Asia was launched to plug a vacuum in the Marketing community. This is a peer networking body and this effort helps connect all marketers across sectors on a common platform. The vision of this platform is to share the latest stories that have worked across branding & marketing space & provide learning opportunities from the experiences of every marketing professional. This is the need of the hour to be able to thrive for the future. Do visit



Futurice is a growing international company that designs and creates innovative digital services for companies in a wide variety of industries ranging from energy to media. Since 2000, we’ve completed more than 1000 projects for over 200 customers. The lessons learned allow us to help our clients develop their own business to meet the challenges of digital transformation. We offer start-to-end guidance for your digital transformation process and accelerate your growth through digital business design and cultural change. Futurice has offices in Berlin, London, Stockholm, Munich, Tampere and Helsinki.

Innovation Leadership Forum (ILF)

The Innovation Leadership Forum (ILF) is a visionary and original Think (and Do) Tank dedicated to helping organisations understand and improve their innovation performance. Created by Dr. Bettina von Stamm in 2004, the Innovation Leadership Forum aims to catalyze the innovative spirit and action in organisations and help their members to understand how to foster an innovation-friendly climate that encourages change and nurtures knowledge. It does so through a number of different tools, resources and activities, as well as consultative support that is helpful to senior level executives. Through membership in the ILF Networking Group, senior-level executives have the opportunity to share existing and create new knowledge around innovation; engage deeply with and between member companies; benchmark within and across member companies and keep up to date with latest development in innovation.


Twice Reply

Twice Reply is the Reply Company specializing in Digital Transformation consultancy. Twice Reply focusses on digital platforms, process optimization and integration of web-based customer systems that meet the needs of the rapid technological change of IT departments in big and small medium enterprises. Twice Reply serves all industries with focus on Telecommunication, Media, Financial Services and Automotive.

Verint® Systems Inc.

Verint® Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: VRNT) is a global leader in Actionable Intelligence® solutions for customer engagement optimisation, security intelligence, and fraud, risk and compliance. Today, more than 10,000 organisations in over 180 countries use Verint solutions to improve enterprise performance and make the world a safer place. Learn more at


WIRED2016 is the annual two-day event to bring the values of WIRED to life gathering, forward-thinking innovators and captivating thought leaders, both on stage and off. Attracting a 70% C-Suite audience, attendees make the most of the opportunity to network with like-minded, intellectually curious individuals from the sector including senior executives, innovators and investors, disrupters and incumbents.


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